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As a customer-centric and relationship driven business model, we continually infuse our learning experience to build a high customer satisfaction through a trusted partnership with our customers by providing solutions that are cost effective with tangible business results.

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With more and more dependence on applications to ensure the smooth running of business, rethinking your network architecture to get optimal results should be a priority. Our Network Solutions allow you to grow and transform your network with future-ready, deployable tools that can be tailored to meet your unique organizational demands. All this results in faster automation, more security, better analytics, and ultimately, greater business agility.

  • Augment your network infrastructure with the latest innovations
  • Get better returns on your network investments
  • Improve network performance
  • Experience great business agility
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In today’s world, as the volume of your data increases by the second, so do the threats to it. But with the latest technologies, protecting your data hasn’t just become easier, but also cost-effective and easy to deploy. Our Security Solutions empower you to protect, analyze, hunt and respond to threats in an intelligent and automated manner, so you can focus on the important things – taking your business to the top.

  • Protect your entire network in real time
  • Detect and stop threats before they do damage
  • Turn huge data sets into actionable intelligence
  • Constantly evolve for faster, smarter and better responses
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Enterprise Mobility & Security

Today, the technological landscape is ever changing. However, as technological evolves, so do the threats to your data and information. With our Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security solutions, you can enjoy identity-driven innovations that help you stay secure, no matter which app you’re using – adapted to your unique business needs. This helps you keep pace with the ever-evolving security challenges, allowing you to focus on core business objectives.

  • Centrally manage single sign-on across devices, on your datacenter and the cloud
  • Stay protected against ever-evolving cyber threats
  • Safeguard corporate data while enabling secured collaboration
  • Securely manage apps and data across operating systems
  • Manage desktops and apps across devices
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Data Protection

Does data security, or lack of it, keep you up at night? If you’re a business owner, then you’re not the only one. Today, a single data breach can result in severe financial losses, not to mention the loss of trust from customers. This means, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your data is kept secure from malicious access, and nothing does that better than our Data Protection solutions. We offer enterprise-grade data backup and recovery solutions for data-centric protection across your devices and network, which is also as easy to on-board as it is to run.

  • Simplify and standardize data protection across your devices, applications and media
  • Seamlessly integrate data protection solutions with other existing customer solutions
  • Protect your data with advanced virtual server protection
  • Automate data recovery from any backup
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Server Infrastructure

At Cyberace, we understand that your server requirements are unique to your organization. That’s why, through our Server Infrastructure solutions, we offer an integrated infrastructure platform that connects traditional and new applications, empowering your IT to continuously create and deliver value. So whether you run traditional workloads that need lower operational complexity, or a new breed of applications and services that need increased operational velocity, we can guarantee that our solutions will meet your requirements.

  • Optimize any application and free resources with a single infrastructure
  • Accelerate application and service delivery
  • Increase productivity and control across the data center
  • Reduce operational effort and cost
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Server Virtualization & Consolidation

When it comes to IT for your business, we believe that low costs should not come at the expense of high quality service. That’s why we offer solutions that don’t just offer your best-in-class service, but also meets your budget, whatever it may be. And with our Server Virtualization and Consolidation solutions, you don’t just enjoy reduced server costs, but you can also centralize server management and automate your data center to ease of access.

  • Reduce hardware and operating costs
  • Reduce the time taken to provision new servers
  • Achieve lower total cost of ownership and faster ROI
  • Decrease downtime and improve reliability for business continuity
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Storage Infrastructure

As business become more information centric, we need to make fundamental changes in how we store, manage and protect data. That’s why we provide comprehensive Storage Infrastructure Solutions that encompasses a wide range of services, including data classification and tiering, component selection, implementation of compliance related policies and more. Through our solutions, we greatly enhance the value of IT to your business, making it a strategic asset as compared to it just being a business enabler.

  • Get direct control over your ever-growing data
  • Increase utilization levels and performance
  • Enable SLA-based chargebacks
  • Create sound strategies
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Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

As businesses become increasingly dependent on technology, the potential to lose everything because of a few minutes of power outage is fast becoming a reality. And when disaster does strike, the ability of your business to recover, or continue despite it, becomes the ultimate test of your IT resilience. With Our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions, your entire IT setup is given a thorough evaluation to understand your requirements, and then tailored solutions are implemented based on real-time visibility, monitoring and recovery automation. This ensures a unified approach to business continuity, giving your business the best defense against disasters.

  • Maintain employee productivity and business agility
  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations
  • Avoid losing business to competitors
  • Preserve company reputation
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Identity & Access Management

When your business is constantly growing, so is your workforce. But that comes with its own hassles, namely governing identities, managing privileged accounts and controlling access. However, our Identity and Access Management (IAM) Solutions, eliminate the complex and time-consuming processes behind these activities, allowing you to address any and every IAM challenge from on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments. This no just provides your organization with the agility it needs to stay competitive, but also allows for the smooth and efficient functioning of your entire business entity.

  • Give users access to all the data needed to effectively do their job
  • Improve the efficiency of administering superuser access
  • Unified governance foundation provides simplicity and affordability
  • Enhanced security and business agility
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Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Today, technology is at the center of every business process. This means, applications play an even-more important role in key business functions. However, maintaining these applications, as well as legacy architecture, comes at a steep cost. But with our Converged and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure solutions, modernizing your infrastructure and enabling IT operations isn’t just simple, it’s incredibly cost-effective as well. This means, with our solutions, you can combine your IT infrastructure and advanced data services into a single, integrated solution, delivering the technology that your organization needs to function effectively.

  • Improve overall efficiency with significant TCO savings
  • Reduce cost and complexity of your IT environment
  • Powerful, simple and efficient
  • Save on capacity
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Physical Security Solution

We offer the entire range of physical security solutions covering; Video Surveillance System with customized or built-in Video Analytics, Access Control along withTime and Attendance system, Public Addressing System, Fire Detection and Suppression, Perimeter intrusion Detection and other Physical Security System, designed to protect people, facilities, equipment’s and property from any harm or damage and make sure that everything is proactively secure from any security threats.

  • Prevent unauthorise access, ensure safety of your People, Data, & Assets
  • Keep track of security breaches, helps deter any unauthorised actions
  • Ensures faster response time
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Data Centre Infrastruture

With all the pressure to innovate and digitally transform your business, what do you do when your data center can’t keep up? Cyberace can help take the guesswork out of future-ready data center planning. With the ability to remove many of the barriers that have inhibited IT to date, the next-generation data center provides a simpler, more adaptive infrastructure that is capable of responding to disruptive change, melting technology silos and integrating legacy and new architectures into a single, manageable ecosystem.

  • On-demand instant scalability based on changes in capacity requirements
  • Easier to identify the available resources such as power, space, assets, and plan how to reliably deploy new devices.
  • Change management process of managed hosting, equipment and logs is faster and effective
  • Integrating your entire infrastructure monitoring into a centralized system.
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FAS & PA System

Team Cyberace design and deploy enterprise-wide, ELV infrastructure solutions like Fire Alarm System, Public Addressing System, and Access Control System - provides end-to-end solution in the physical security segment. Cyberace products offerings are builds on its strong legacy in System Integration (SI). It offers SI services, as a single-window turnkey solution that integrates best-in-class products and solutions to meet the safety and security needs of its customers.

  • Helps in early fire detection, decreased risk of fire damage
  • Intergation of systems, manage and monitor large facilities
  • Life and property safety and easy to maintain
  • Convey message over large public
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Unified Communications Solutions

The digital workplace is already here. And you need a new approach to collaboration—one that enables your work-from-anywhere culture, so everyone is always ready to meet unplanned work head on. It gives you the platform to empower your employees with faster, always-on continuous collaboration. And it helps you power your business with flexible experiences built for the work world of today, and the challenges of tomorrow.

  • Team collabaoration makes easy way to connect and collabrate from anywhere and anytime.
  • Empowers your teams and helps you make faster decisions.
  • Connect in whatever way is right for the moment - over the phone, or through private or group chats and SMS.
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Audio-Video Collaboration

We help you to design and deploy the right fit AV Solutions. The integrated AV solutions from Cyberace facilitate the complete control and automation of audio, video, lighting and other electromechanical devices in any type of room. Our seamless integration and simple user interfaces help our clients; make a great impact when communicating to internal and external stakeholders.

  • Increased interaction and comprehension will have better-trained and more engaged employees.
  • Learning is more convenient and easier
  • Save money on improved efficiencies
  • Boost communication and productivity
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Artificial Intelligence

The driving force of the global economy today isn’t a tangible resource, it’s data. However, this data is useless for a business unless it’s properly structured and analyzed, and that’s where our Artificial Intelligence solutions fit in. With the enormous opportunities presented by Big Data for businesses, our solutions allow you to utilize intelligent automation, data-intensive processes and decisions to produce accurate, reliable and timely results.

  • Accelerate your business’s digital transformation through AI
  • Amplify your workforce and connect deeply with customers
  • Create AI-driven business solutions to respond to industry and customer needs
  • Quickly build solutions from preconfigured templates
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Internet of Things (IoT)

Today, the Internet of Things (IoT) is making the world smarter and more interconnected than ever before. However, to unlock the full potential of what it has to offer, businesses need to identify opportunities to create value and systematically address underlying challenges. Our Azure IoT service connects assets, operations and logistics to help you extract real-time insights from your business, leveraging which you can make informed business decisions. This means, you can harness your business data to create a differentiated competitive advantage, and increase business value and customer satisfaction.

  • Create real-time interactions with customers, assets and sales force
  • Get competitive advantage with higher business value and improved customer satisfaction
  • Use data to derive business intelligence for enhanced decision making
  • Access data securely from anywhere, at any time
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When it’s simpler and more cost-effective for AI to take over certain business functions, adapting the latest technologies doesn’t just give your business the competitive edge, it also allows for more streamlined processes. And with our BOTS solutions, you can address queries, , perform tasks, help customers and resolve issues, all without the need for a customer-facing employee. This allows you to give you customers the most convenient product or service experience, while utilizing the costs saved to grab new business opportunities as and when they arise.

  • Helps clarify customer queries instantly
  • Resolves issues with incomparable speed and accuracy
  • No extensive upfront investment required
  • Enhance customer delight at relatively less costs