Why Us ?

Why Us?

why us

At Cyberace

We put our customers first

This means, no matter how big or small the digital or IT requirement is, or whether they are a new or existing customer, we take time to understand their business, technology requirements and objectives. We work hand in hand with our customers to deliver solutions that are innovative and transformative to their businesses, in both the short and long term.

why us

The Cyberace


  • Long-standing partnerships with world leading technology providers
  • First company in India to offer maximum infrastructure packages in IT, ELVS and AV products, solutions & services
  • Proven track record of on time, on budget solutions that create value and deliver return on investment
  • Large & highly skilled team of IT, ELVS & AV sales & service professionals

why us

We are always open, honest and transparent

With our customers

We want them to have a clear understanding of the solutions and services we are providing, and confidence in the relationship we develop. We see ourselves as our customers’ long-term digital transformation partner, and we hope we can be yours, too.

Our Clients